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The Montreal Estate is located at an altitude of 1500 feet, on the Island of St Vincent in the Caribbean. Banana plantations and rain forest surround the estate which occupies 7.5 acres and is open to the public. Visits are arranged for visitors from cruise ships, the 45 minute journey providing an excellent opportunity to enjoy the rich scenery of the Island.

View of Montreal Estate Gardens


The gardens contain a wide range of tropical plants and shaded areas devoted to Anthurium and red ginger production for cut flowers. There is a densely planted colour garden and a formal planted area. Superb views of the coast, plantations and tropical rain forest are available.

The lower part of Montreal Estate connects with the rain forest. Carefully constructed paths enable the visitor to gain easy access to this unique environment and the river running through it.

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A sunken garden with formal box planting, surrounded by specimen trees, nutmegs and many tropical foliage shrubs.

Sunken garden found in the formal garden

View over local farmland

This garden affords an excellent view over local farmland to Kingstown and the distant sea, as well as the mountain "Grand Bonhomme"

Colour Graden Logo

View of the lower garden form the gazebo

View of the lower garden, with tree ferns, from the gazebo in the colour garden

The mountain Grand Bonhomme provides a spectacular backdrop to a view of the tropical colour garden

View of the tropical colour garden

Coleus plants

Different varieties of Coleus blend with grey/blue grasses in the colour garden

Red Canna lilies provide focal points in the colour garden, against a background of African Tulip trees (Spathodea spp)

Red Canna Lilies

Spathodea Trees in the colour garden

Lower part of the colour garden, showing some magnificent Spathodea Trees in bloom.

Rain Forest Garden Logo

Dappled light bleeds through the rain forest to illuminate bright Spathodea flowers lying scattered over the ground

Flowers from the Spathodea Trees lying on the ground

Orange yellow Heliconia's

A typical orange / yellow Heliconia growing in the rain forest garden

The rain forest seen from Montreal Estate. Spathodea trees and tree ferns.

View of the rain forest


River in the rain forest

The river running through the rain forest garden

Paths lead through the rain forest garden, bordered by red ginger (Alpinia purpurata) in bloom.

Path bordered by red ginger