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The principal industry in the area is banana production.

Produce from St Vincent is marketed through supermarket chains in the UK and may appear as "Windward Islands" bananas, but this description includes bananas produced on other Islands in the Caribbean.

The Islands have to compete with other banana producing countries. Sales of Windward Islands fruit have declined in Europe due to changes in the pattern of international trade.

Only a small element of the price paid by consumers in Europe gets back to the people who produce, and pack the crops.


Banana producers

View of Montreal Estate Gardens from a plantation

The Estate seen from a banana plantation below, with mountain Grand Bonhomme behind

Other crops, produced mainly for local consumption include iron-rich tropical spinach, also known as dasheen or taro

Here can be seen a field of tropical spinach, situated below the Montreal Estate.

Montreal Estate is carefully integrated into the local community.

Field of Tropical Spinach

Red Anthuriums

Production of Anthuriums and red ginger (Alpinia purpurata) for cut flowers on the estate provides an alternative source of employment for people living in the local community.

Red Anthuriums grown in the traditional manner on raised beds constructed from coconut husks